Monday, April 13, 2015

December Daily Album Part 3

This post wraps up all the photos of my 2014 December Memories / December Daily Album. Seriously, this album was such an investment of time and energy. I didn't finish it until February or March, it was just such a huge project to dive into, it was very overwhelming when I first started.

I am so glad to have recorded and documented all of these memories from December though. Instead of sticking to the 25 days of Christmas theme that most people go with, I instead chose 31 memories or moments from December that I loved. It was a lot easier for me because not every day in December was filled with holiday fun or anything memorable as I was mostly working the first half of December.

I used the December Memories kit by Gossamer Blue this year, as well as a few Pailsee Press items, some free Christmas printables I found on Pinterest and a few things I had in my stash already. I also created a section in the back of my album to hold all of the Christmas cards we got and all of the thank you cards that came after the holidays. I wanted to make sure that ALL of my Christmas stuff was in one place and I really love that the thickness of this album allowed me to include everything I wanted to!

2014 December Memories Album Cover Makeover
2014 December Memories Base Pages
2014 December Memories Album Part 1
2014 December Memories Album Part 2
2014 December Memories Album Part 3
2014 December Memories Album Flip Through Video

I learned so much this first attempt at using a mini album system for my Christmas/December memory keeping method. I know next year I will be ready to kick some major memory keeping butt with all that I learned about the process and what works best for me, this time around! Did you do a December Memories or December Daily mini album this year? If so, will you be doing it again?



  1. this is such a great idea! i love scrapbooking, but i never do enough of it. I've been thinking about starting a scrapbook from my semester in london, i finally got around to printing all the photos from two years ago! your post is inspiring :)

    1. Thanks, Pear! I would definitely say get right into it! So worth documenting our favorite memories!


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