Friday, September 27, 2013

My Faith & Prayer Journal

If you follow me on Instagram (#laurarahel) you already know I've been working on an awesome new project. I love writing and especially cute notebooks. During service every Sunday I usually take quick scribbled notes, then throughout the week reflect on the message, do some scripture reading and think about how I can apply the message to my life. Sunday service always leaves me feeling refreshed and at peace.

Well instead of continuing to scatter my notes throughout different notebooks, (I have tons and always grab which ever one is handy at the time) I decided that I wanted to create one specific place to focus on my faith and my relationship with God. One book to focus all of my faith related notes, prayers, and reminders. What I love about this idea is that I can always look back in one place if I need to be reminded of a particular message I'll know exactly where to find it.

Thus my Faith Journal was born. I thought about doing a mini project life album because I love the 3 ring binder layout. After looking around, I found this mini 3 ring album from Recollections at Michael's and knew that after I personalized it, it would be perfect! Here's a peak at the album when I bought it. It was a dark and dreary kraft color. Not at all reflective of my personality.

So I washi taped over the binding and used several coats of acrylic paint to makeover the front and back covers of the binder. I absolutely love this cover now. I knew I wanted some layers, so I used E6000 to add a glitter heart, paper flowers, a flair button and a give thanks sticker. I then wrote lyrics around the heart to complete the look. I knew I wanted it to be simple but lovely and completely reflective of myself. Mission, accomplished.

Here's my page from week #1 of using my journal. I reinforced the edge of the page with washi tape on both sides so the holes don't wear and tear. I embellished with an attempt at calligraphy and some stickers to note the date. I wrote some information directly on the page but also had a lot more notes I wanted to record from the sermon. For those notes, I made a pocket with some paper and washi tape on three sides. I put the quote from the focus verse on the outside of the pocket, then put my more extensive notes on a note card and inserted it into the pocket. I stapled a ribbon pull tab to the card for easy access in pulling them out and reading over them later.

I can make my own pages, hole punch them and add them in whenever I want. Plus it came with a ton of thick card stock pages already in the book that I can work on. I am so excited to use this binder on a daily basis! I think it's absolutely lovely and I am so thrilled about how it turned out! Side note- each week we focus on a few verses of scripture that the message is based around. I open up my bible, find my favorite and highlight. Next to the highlighted verse I write an abbreviation such as "wk.1." This way when I'm reading through my bible later, I'll know exactly what week to look at in my journal for the notes on that scripture.

I am in love with my new faith/prayer journal. So excited to embark on this new journey, to strengthen my relationship with God. To genuinely enjoy the word of God and spend my free time reading and rejoicing in it. Do you keep a prayer or faith journal?

I hope this inspires you to make your own! If it does please link in the comments so I can see your creativity :)

xoxo, Laura


  1. Oh my goodness gracious! I love this SO MUCH!!!

    1. Thanks Cara XD I had a 40% off coupon so the binder only cost me $7! I had all the supplies on hand to make it over so I'm pretty thrilled about that price tag. Plus it feels great to use up stuff from my way too big scrapbooking stash

  2. You're so stinking creative. I feel like a broken record because I'm pretty sure I say that every time.

  3. This is gorgeous.

  4. That awesome moment when I was singing the words of your cover in my head.


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